About Our Loan Service

You must go to our website stnsmoneysolutions.com, complete an easy and quick
online application, you either apply as an Employee, a Student or as a Returning Client.

You need to be over 18 years of age and less than 40 years old, residing,
employed, or learning in South Africa with an active RSA bank account, plus your
own email address and cell phone.

Someone who have accessed STN’S Money Solutions Loan before and still have an
active account with us.

Until you are required and being notified by us, you will always use that method,
your credit history with us counts in there, or when you want to update some of
your details stored in our database, for example, changing of banking details.

After you have applied for our loan, we do a quick assessment of your financial
ability to repay a loan. So, the results should give us an assurance of your ability
to settle your debt when the time comes.

You can request as little as R100 up to R1500 if you are a funded student, and up
to R5000 if you are employed. We treat every customer as unique based on their
affordability, this will determine the amount and term of your loan.

Yes, as to authenticate who you are and to decide onto your request, we will need your
scanned ID copy, three latest conservative payslips of proof of registration if you
are a student, and the three months bank statement.

No, but STN Money Solutions is privileged to have a very good verification
system. It’s in any solid financial system’s best interest to ensure that people have
access to what financial products they can afford. All we want to do is make sure
that we do not put you in an uncomfortable situation where you might not be able
to repay a loan.

We want to know you a little better so we can help you better. By doing so, we will
need you to provide us with your personal details (ID, address, phone number,
proof of income, banking details etc.). This information is essential as it will help
us verify the authenticity of an applicant. For full details about the collection of,
and potential uses of your personal details, you can read our Privacy Policy.

Yes, unless you are a student with funding, you need to have a regular income; because we
only want to give you a loan if you can afford to pay it back quickly and
comfortably. You need to earn a salary or be self-employed but not be retired.

Yes, an active bank account in your name is needed for us to transfer funds to
you, and income helps calculate your affordability. That is why you should always
ensure that the information you give us is accurate and honest. Additionally, we
can’t use your relative or friend’s bank account.

Our loan management team will contact you immediately if within working hours
after processing your application and will inform you via Email or Telephone
should your loan application is successful or not.

Once we have received and processed your application, We make the payment
into your bank account immediately the loan is approved and once we have
received the signed contract. However, depending on who you bank with it could
take up to 24 to 48 hours to clear into your bank account

All the details and procedure on how you will go about that will on the ‘Returning
Client Reference” statement that you will receive in less than 5 days from your

About Our Investment

Anyone can invest with us only if he/she is between the age of 18 and 40.

Our investment interest for every of our investors is up to 15.36% p.a compounded monthly, it is paid to your investment account opened with us.

Our investment allows you to invest at the minimum of R300 and up to a
maximum of R20 000 per term. For monthly additions, you can add at a minimum
of R100 anytime you want to.

The banking details to use for deposit or transfer to your investment account will
be provided to you in your STN Investment profile that will be given to you after
we’ve opened an investment account for you or you can give us an instruction to DebitOrder from your bank account.

Our account work in assists of bank facilities integrated to correspond with our
infovest system, as you deposit to our account, the deposited amount will
automatically reflect under your name in our system provided that you follow the
instructions as stated to your investment profile, additionally you’ll receive the
confirmation through you registered contact details.

After we have opened an account for you, we give you access to it, an online Investors Panel that is up to date and operating 24 hours. There you can see you balances, track all your transactions and their receipts. You can also download statements for yourself and many more to manage your account.

Yes, you can, you’ll have to notify us then fill an early withdrawal form, the process takes up to 30 days
before your funds reflect to your bank account plus any of you
accumulated interests, however, a penalty and administration fee will be charged
from your investment account.

Your invested funds plus any of the accumulated interest during your investment
time horizon will be transferred to your banking details you provided to us.

Quoting from our investment policy we can renew
your investment contract with us and be able to invest in more than 14 months period.

Although we have our own unit trust, but we understand the market and
investment associated risks. Our money market unit trust has investments across
lots of issuers, there is risk, just like any money investment method but your eggs
are not all in one basket.

You need to inform us of any changes to your banking PRIOR to your investment
payout day otherwise ridiculous effects may occur.